Bin Laden ‘9/11 video’ broadcast

By | September 7, 2006

Bin Laden 911 video broadcastCompare the noses of Osama. One has a shorter fatter nose. The original Osama (Tim Osman) has a hecka long skinny nose. The real Osama supposedly entered Pakistan the day after 9/11 and died later from Kidney failure. The theory is: Bush knows his business partner and 9/11 patsy expired which is why years ago he said he’s not concerned about Bin Laden. UPDATE 9/10/06: In code words, one might say the trail in seaching for Bin Laden was “stone cold“.

Arabic TV channel Al-Jazeera has broadcast what it says is unseen footage of Osama Bin Laden meeting some of the 9/11 hijackers.

The channel said it showed al-Qaeda leaders “preparing for the attacks and practising their execution”.

Bin Laden is seen walking outdoors in a mountainous area wearing a dark robe and white head gear.

The broadcast came four days before the fifth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks. – bbc

What they should do is have Guiliani personally capture one of their fake Osamas as he is attempting to paint a black eye on the Statue of Liberty… right before the elections. They could then have “Osama” say whatever they wanted. Keep all reporters but their own away due to the “intense security concerns.” We got him! He admits everything! He and Saddam were secretly lovers and they hid Saddam’s WMDs in Osama’s mysterious expandable nose! And so on…

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