Billboard promoting literacy night contains unfortunate spelling mistake

By | March 2, 2012

Laeping to Literacy, Lakewood High School Students at Lakewood High School in St Petersburg spotted the basic grammatical error on the giant sign and immediately began posting pictures of the message online.

The mistake happened when hapless teacher Austin Simmons arranged the sign to promote the school’s leap day literacy event.

Unfortunately the sign read: ‘LAEPING TO LITERACY NIGHT’.

Mr Simmons had other things on his mind last Friday after receiving a large motorcycle repair bill and failed to double check his error.

Literacy coach Patricia Schley, who is hosting the night, spotted the sign as she drove past the school but had to wait until the school opened on Monday before she could change it.

Horrified principal Robert Vicari defended his fellow staff member, reassuring parents it was just an accident.

‘He’s a great guy. And he’s literate. This was just an accident,’ he told the Tampa Bay Times.

‘It’s every principal’s fear. I sure hope that sign doesn’t end up on Jay Leno.’

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3 thoughts on “Billboard promoting literacy night contains unfortunate spelling mistake

  1. Ann

    No, no, no … What Mr Simmons had in mind was the method by which students were to attend literacy day on Leap Day, by literally laeping to it. That is, the students were to show the monsterous enthusiasm of a laep. A laep is “A mythial creature that lives in the marshland near rivers of the East Midlands of the UK rarely seen, althought said to look like a cross between a dog and porcupine with human blood.” It’s all a matter of literacy, if that also means what you read:

    Well, maybe … ?

    1. Xeno Post author

      “Laeping, to hunt/spot Laeps”

      Great catch, Ann!

      Yes, Simmons should have just explained that many people are ignorant about Laeps, just as many are ignorant about grammar. One must hunt/spot grammar mistakes with the same gusto one would hunt/spot Laeps.

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