Bigfoot Sighting in North Central MN (photo) + Is Bigfoot Immortal?

By | December 12, 2009

Tim Kedrowski said his motion-activated camera captured this image of a black creature, about seven feet tall, striding through a stand of trees on his land near Leech Lake.

This image, taken in October by a game trail camera on hunting land north of Remer, captured a mysterious creature.

Tim Kedrowski and his sons, Peter and Casey, are not pushovers for Bigfoot stories, but a frame on a game trail camera set up on their hunting land north of Remer has left them in a quandary.

“To us, it’s very hard because we lean toward the skeptical type,” Kedrowski said in a telephone interview from his Rice, Minn., home.

But after checking with neighbors and any other hunters who might have been walking through the dense woods at 7:20 p.m. on the rainy night of Oct. 24, he said they couldn’t imagine what else the image could be. Tim said he considered ideas from a bear to a bow hunter in a fuzzy suit. But the arm and hand couldn’t be a bear’s, or its upright gait. And there is no evidence in the photo of a bow or flashlight a hunter might be using to track a wounded deer.

The Kedrowskis checked the Minnesota Bigfoot Web site and came up with the names of Don Sherman and Bob Olson, the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team. Sherman is the facilities manager for the Cass Lake Indian Health Service Hospital, and Olson is an auto body repairman in Deer River. Sherman has responded to numerous area Bigfoot sighting reports and has made casts of footprints. He said he once caught footage of a Bigfoot on a thermal imaging camera and heard its warbling call.

When Sherman saw the image the Kedrowskis sent him, Tim said the researcher responded that he believes it is a picture of a Bigfoot. Sherman went with the Kedrowskis to the photo site and measured the height of the creature in comparison the sapling next to it. He determined the animal is about 7 feet tall.”I’ve hunted there for 43 years,” Tim said of their property near Shingle Mill Lake. “I’ve seen one bear off my deer stand. I’ve seen three timber wolves.” Casey Kedrowski said he and his brother had gone out to the family’s hunting shack prior to deer season to bring in firewood and make other preparations. They set up a game trail camera to see what might be wandering around their property. Casey said he and his brother were the only people who knew where the camera was located. They took the camera down when deer season started, and a couple of weeks later checked on what they had caught.

When they came to the picture of the long-armed creature walking upright, Casey said, “We just looked at each other. Each of us thought we were playing a trick on each other.” When they determined that neither of them had pulled a prank on the other, they checked to see if anyone had been in the area that night. Tim said the only neighbors were two elderly hunters in their own shack, neither of whom matched the size and appearance of the creature caught on camera.

However, he said, when he asked the men about the night the camera clicked on the mystery, they said they had gone out about 2 a.m. to use the outhouse and had heard strange squealing noises. Tim said he asked them to show him the direction of the sounds. They pointed to the area where the camera had been, although they had no idea of its location.Tim said he just released the photo and permission for its publication last weekend.

“It was deer season and we wanted to concentrate on deer hunting, and (we) really wanted to talk to people in the area and … make sure they weren’t scamming us,” he said. “We’re not 100 percent sure, obviously. After visiting with (Sherman and Olson) we feel they’ve done a lot more investigation. That’s why we put it in their hands.”

Sherman said the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team started receiving reports of Bigfoot sightings in 2006 and has had reports every year since, including four reports this year. He said the first reported sighting he investigated was from a man running a road grader near Six Mile Lake south of Lake Winnibigoshish. Sherman said he was able to make casts of the footprints. A more recent sighting report was by a truck driver.

“I’ve talked to this guy — this was last year — he was coming from Crosby (Minn.) with a load of lumber by Washburn Lake,” Sherman said. “It had hands, he said, like baseball mitts. It took three steps to cross the road. He was pretty shook up.”

In spite of such seemingly credible reports, biologists remain unconvinced. “Personally, I don’t buy the fact this thing exists,” said Blane Klemek, assistant wildlife manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Bemidji. “There are certainly species that are discovered each year -but megafauna — rare is it a big mammal is discovered,” he said. He noted the belief that the ivory-billed woodpecker is not extinct after all is based on a fleeting, indistinct video image of some kind of woodpecker recorded in 2004 in the Big Woods of Arkansas. No other sightings have been reported.

He also noted than no one has ever found a Bigfoot carcass. “All organisms die; they don’t just go away,” Klemek said. “You’d think someone someday would find one.” … Hazard said proof would be a clear photo matched with footprints at the same site — multiple pieces of overlapping evidence. Sherman said the research would go on. He said he believes the Bigfoot is intelligent and perfectly at home in the woods. “That’s why they’re so elusive,” he said. “They know the woods better than any hunter because they live it.” One thing the hunters agree on is that even if they could produce a carcass for examination, they wouldn’t shoot a Bigfoot.

“Absolutely not — no way,” said Tim. “I asked my sons would they shoot it, and they said no. It has every right to live.” “I’ve talked to people who’ve had them in their sights and their scopes, and they said they couldn’t pull the trigger,” she Sherman.

He urged anyone who wants to report a Bigfoot sighting or evidence of the creature to call him at 218-308-1451 or Olson at 218-246-8493. “We’ve got all kinds of equipment, night vision, cameras, listening devices,” Sherman said.

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The Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team of Don Sherman and Bob Olson are now involved with the case, trying to assess if there is any evidence of any kind of huge, hairy hominoid’s presence in the area where the trailcam image was captured. Or even what trickster might have been behind this media melodrama. – cryptomundo

Probably someone in a costume, someone who knew the hunters and knew about the camera, playing a trick on  them by walking in front of the camera trap.

However, just to play along… The assumption that all animals die is wrong. We now know that there is indeed an immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis nutricula. Perhaps we’ve never found a dead Bigfoot … because they don’t die.  Or perhaps they live a few thousand years. There might not be many of them left. Imagine what skills any primate might have after living for a thousand years! Biology is pretty amazing. Some of the reasons we age may be due to mutations in our genes. If you come from a biblical viewpoint, check out this interesting idea:

The Journal of Mormon History recently published a new investigation into stories suggesting that the giant Sasquatch monster is really Cain, the murderous second son of Adam and Eve. …

In 1835, as evening fell, missionary David W. Patten had spotted a figure walking near his mule in Tennessee. His tall, dark body was covered with hair, he wore no clothing, and…

…he replied that he had no home, that he was a wanderer in the earth and traveled to and fro. He said he was a very miserable creature, that he had earnestly sought death during his sojourn upon the earth, but that he could not die, and his mission was to destroy the souls of men.

I rebuked him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, and commanded him to go hence, and he immediately departed out of my sight.

… The book of Genesis does specify that God issued the mark of Cain, “that whosoever found him should not kill him.” But did that confer immortality? – 10zenmonkeys

Wow. The rebuking of Bigfoot. Good story.  Perhaps Patten is responsible for making Bigfoot so miserable that he has remained hidden for the last 174 years. He tried talking to us, but decided we were just a bunch of rebukers.

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  1. Ann

    If you’re interested in a good source concerning bigfoot, read “Bigfoot! The true story of apes in America” by Loren Coleman. He includes a history of sightings as well as studies done on the subject, including a chapter on sexual anatomy and behavior.

    It seems to me that bigfoot also has migratory patterns, from north (Canada) to south during the colder months, because of increased sighting during the winter in the U.S. But, I don’t think you have to go into some religious notions of immortality to explain his behavior. How about the noting, we’re just not smart enough to figure this elusive, apparently somewhat intelligent, biological critter out?

  2. Nimai

    This looks to me like an unfortunate hoax.
    The BFRO had this to say about it:link

    Don Sherman and Bob Olson are acquaintances of Tom Biscardi, responsible for the bigfoot body hoax.
    Sherman and Olson are a joke.

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