“Become love”? What the bleep does that mean?

By | November 5, 2008


Tonight I heard a poet speak. He said, “You must stop looking for love and become love. You must stop asking for love and become love. You must stop begging for love and become love.”

This annoyed me … but it drew me in. What does that MEAN?

I thought about it for hours. I’m sometimes the dumbest smart person I know. I couldn’t make sense of it. A person can not become an emotion! Meaningless drivel.  It sounds like a fake formula. But the poet was genuine. So, what if I’m wrong? Around in circles I went.

Until it finally hit me… A person can become a source of love. That is what he was saying. So obvious.

Create love? How?

So, I Googled “how to become love” and hit this:

Love your self, first. Before you can share love, you must first have love for yourself. Otherwise, how can you share what you don’t have? It may be difficult to find happiness and peace if you don’t think of yourself as worthy of receiving it. Self love is the most important element of becoming a spiritually healthy person. Love for self gives you balance, it centers you, and it keeps you on track when circumstances in life attempt to derail you.”

Yes, great! But HOW does that work, exactly? What do you actually DO to get there, Dr. Google?

Dig and honor yourself

Forgiveness… is not only a form of self-love, it is completely an inside job. First you have to own your mistakes.

In order to forgive yourself, the Psychology Today article recommends that you do the following:

  • Imagine a future where you totally love yourself and have totally owned your power
  • Reach for an understanding of why you would choose limitations in your life. We are often taught by family and life experiences that being weak, sick or helpless is the way to get attention or help. Look at your own and other peoples attempts to get acceptance, attention and love. Ask yourself, what was I taught about being lovable?
  • Then forgive yourself for having made mistakes. Imagine how your future self would forgive you for a mistake.

I’ve never thought about this. What was I taught about being lovable?

To be continued… I need sleep…

6 thoughts on ““Become love”? What the bleep does that mean?

  1. Lee

    Love is like a flower it has to be watered and nurtured and taken care of. Everything can be resolved with Love. Open to the energies of Love. Be restructured to be open and forgiving allow your hearts to open and connect with each other become more loving in a deep and meaningful way. When you feel a flow of Love, and then you feel it stop, just know that it is you that stopped the flow of Love. Take responsibility for this. Wherever love stops it is your inner child that is hurt. That wounded aspect of your inner self. The root cause of all problems is hurt. You don’t know how powerful you are and at the same time you don’t know how gentle and soft the child is. For the child if it is being hurt it closes down and if it is being loved it opens up just like the flower would open. The more you love that child the more that child opens and feels safe and will receive Love. Then you will receive all the gifts of the Universe. It is children that lead the way. Master the Universe! For everyone comes to this earth plane hurt or lessons to be learned it is your job to resolve problems on this earth plane and how to reconnect fully with the Divine. Allowing a true Divine flow through them selves> Love is the answer to every problem this resolves all problems. Love resolves problems in a very different way that the mind and logic and all that you have learned on this earth so far. Love allows for you to be exploring of what is possible in this physical realm of the 3rd Light, or dimension. Love needs to guided and must be healed. There is no side-stepping possible of this process of the healing of past hurts and fears: it is the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Inner work needs to be done in order to progress to a higher vibration. Blessed Be …Kryon…

  2. Jean

    “Become love” – good phrase. I think that means we need to stop depending on the others to make us happy. We need to be an existences that generates love. So no matter what happened to us, it doesn’t matter. What happening outside us doesn’t matter. We create every meaning and we generate happiness and love inside us. That’s very independent!

  3. Agbahizzal

    Im sorry but the Love the poet was speaking of is an Entity. However you can’t be what you dont believe exist. Christians call Love, God because God calls himself Love. I won’t go deeper than this for two reasons, 1, your relationship with Love is different than mine so, as you so readily admit, you won’t get it unless u go about it His preordained way. Second is simply because as you get to know Love, the nuances of an infinitely deep and consuming Love will hit u differently than it has hit me. I dont want to mislead you and thereby mess up whatever effort you are going to put into this. Be blessed.

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