Baseball Player Knocked Out By Skydiver

By | July 22, 2013

Baseball Player Knocked Out By Skydiver

A baseball player was knocked out by a skydiver who misjudged his landing on the field of play.

Mattingly Romanin, a shortstop for the Hannibal Cavemen in Missouri, was levelled by the clumsy aerial performer.

The skydiver was one of three hired to deliver the first pitch prior to Saturday’s game against the Terre Haute Rex in the summer Prospect League. …

The skydiver got up immediately without a scratch, but Mr Romanin was not so quick to recover.

The player was motionless on the ground as team doctors rushed to his aid.

Footage from later in the night showed him sporting a fresh wound near his right eye.

But there were no serious injuries, and Mr Romanin eventually joked about the incident on Twitter.

“I feel like I got kicked in the face yesterday, oh wait…” he tweeted the next day.

Mr Romanin’s overnight fame did come with a price, however.

“Now only if my Oakleys (sunglasses) had survived too,” he added.

Better video here: Baseball Player Knocked Out By Skydiver.

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