BART officer fatally shoots man at Fruitvale station

By | January 2, 2009

bartA young man allegedly involved in a fight aboard a BART train was shot to death by a BART police officer on the platform of the Fruitvale Station early New Year’s Day, in the midst of a brawl between two groups of young train passengers. … While witness accounts reported by news organizations indicate Grant was on the platform and handcuffed when he was shot, BART spokesman Jim Allison said the victim was not restrained when the gun discharged. – sfgate

I wonder if there are surveilance tapes. The London Underground has everything on video. Answer: There are cameras, but they say there is no tape. At some stations they have tape, at others a guard monitors the situation.

I doubt Oscar Grant should be dead. This is a sad accident, probably. He did, it seems, choose to be in gang brawl on a train, which is damn stupid. Or was it just a verbal argument?

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