Barry Stokes turned to voodoo dolls to ward off victims’ tales of fraud

By | September 5, 2009

voodoo20dolls.jpg New Orleans voodoo dolls image by douglasbassFinancial adviser Barry R. Stokes, who has pleaded guilty to stealing $19 million from victims’ retirement plans, spent part of his time in jail making voodoo dolls of financial victims and sticking pins in them to ward off their damaging testimony, according to evidence presented this morning in a federal court hearing.

The revelation came during an all-day sentencing hearing to determine how much time Stokes will have to spend in prison on fraud charges that date back more than three years.

Stokes could face 22 years in jail for embezzlement and fraud after he was discovered in 2006 to have pilfered retirement funds entrusted to his care as owner of 1Point Solutions advisers in Dickson, Tenn.

His victims, including some retirees who lost tens of thousands of dollars, heard evidence at the hearing that said Stokes paid a psychic with a credit card to give him readings while in jail awaiting a disposition of his fraud case.

Stokes has been housed in the Davidson County jail since he was arrested in 2006.

He wrote a letter to his psychic saying he was lighting candles and throwing salt over his shoulder to keep creditors and critics at bay.

“I think it’s bizarre,’’ said Bill Sillesky, 53, of Atlanta who said he lost his entire 401(k) account worth $89,000 while it was under Stokes’ care.

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