Banned in China: The Simpsons

By | August 15, 2006

Banned in China The Simpsons

They may have beaten off early battles by hardline Christians and family values campaigners in the US – but it looks like the word-conquering rise of The Simpsons has finally met its match in China.

The little yellow felllers are causing consternation amongst the ruling Communist party who say that the show’s dysfunctional characters and capitalist values are having an adverse affect on Chinese children.

State media are said to be planning an outright ban on The Simpsons and any other foreign children’s shows – including the loveable Teletubbies – from being screened on TV between the hours of 1700 and 2000 ? effective from September 1. Foreign cartoons are massively popular in China, populated with some 250 million children, and the country’s own animation creators have failed to compete. – metro

No one seems very concerned that China is banning Teletubbies. “loveable?” They are downright frightening. I’m against censorship, but China may indeed be helping kids by banning Teletubbies. The Simpsons is another issue. Banning the Simpsons is practically a human rights violation!

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