Back pain, Natural Muscle Relaxers

By | December 18, 2008

back-anatomy-lats-trapsWatch out for injury while helping moving appliances. It may feel like a rib is poking you in the kidney, but you may have just damaged a muscle.

You may not be able to lay down or get up once you are down … or twist very much.

Doctors say you can expect 2 weeks of pain while the muscle heals. What are the pros and cons of taking muscle relaxers?

Here are some natural things rumored to be muscle relaxants:  Chamomile, Valerian, Catnip oils, kava, corydalis and, at times, passion flower.

Caution: Take too much kava and you could end up needing a liver transplant. See:  Acute Hepatitis Induced by Kava Kava

Trying two bags of Tazo “Calm” caffeine free tea which has chamomile flowers as the number one ingredient. They may make you very sleepy but not take away the muscle pain.

– Pain-Eze contains Magnesium 200mg, Manganse 2mg, California Poppy 266mg, and an Herbal Extract blend with Corydalis Yanusuo, Chinese Peony, and Meadosweet in some undisclosed ratios adding to 668mg. Taking two of these with 30 drops of Valerian Root and two teabags of Tazo “Calm” tea can help, but take it slow.

You never know you need some body parts or what they do until you lose them.

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