Baby son outgrowing smallest mother

By | April 28, 2010

Amanda Moore and son AidanBritain’s smallest mother has described the difficulties of caring for a baby son who is almost as tall as her.

Amanda Moore, 25, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, risked her life to give birth to Aidan, now aged 14 months.

She has a rare bone disease which stunted her growth at 3ft 1in (0.9m) and left her unable to stand.

At 2ft 6in (0.7m), Aidan is taller than his mother when she is seated. Ms Moore said: “Now he’s walking he’s more than a handful for someone my size.”

She said she believes Aidan could end up being as tall as his father, Steven Fyfe, 20, who is 6ft 1ins (1.8m).

Ms Moore added: “When I sit on the floor to play with him, he is taller than me already and he’s only 14 months old.

“He’s getting so big and strong that soon we’ll have to tell him to be gentle with Mummy.

“It’s been a struggle because he’s been running rings around me since he was crawling.

“Most boys are bigger than their mums but not after a year.”

Ms Moore suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta – commonly known as brittle bone disorder.

‘Very lucky family’

Born with 14 broken bones herself, she said doctors warned her becoming pregnant could prove fatal.

But Aidan was born in February 2009 weighing 5lbs 5oz and had not inherited his mother’s bone condition.

He now weighs 22lbs (9.9kg) …

via BBC News – Baby son outgrowing smallest mother.

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