B-baller gives birth hours after game

By | March 5, 2006

B-baller gives birth hours after game

For many high school athletes, their final game can be an emotional time. Finding out you’re pregnant can be, too. Learning you’re pregnant and giving birth just hours after your final game?

After sinking two three-pointers in the final game of her senior year on February 18, Kayla Alire joined her teammates on the bus heading home. She soon felt horrible stomach pains.

Her concerned mother rushed her to the hospital where a quick diagnosis followed: labor pains.

In no time she had given birth to 6 pound, 4 ounce Isaiah.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I was just so amazed.”

So was her boyfriend of two years, Felipe Sisneros. He too had no idea, but he quickly warmed to the idea.

“After he realized it was true, he got really happy,” Alire said.

Alire never had any idea she was pregnant. Like many female athletes she was accustomed to irregular periods and fit in her same size 0 pants throughout.

“I’m not really sure how much weight I gained since I didn’t really weigh myself,” she said. “I ate just like I usually do.”

She plans to finish school and run track this spring and then go to college in the fall.

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