Awesome Or Off-Putting: Britain’s Invisible Tanks

By | February 13, 2008

invisibletank.jpgThe Ministry of Defence has recently announced they can make tanks invisible. And since that engine noise is pretty unnoticeable it’s really looking like their enemies are effed.Imagine you’re a horrible and Godless 14-year-old Iranian soldier in a few years time, sleeping in your tent dreaming of killing American babies and wondering what your wife looks like. Suddenly, you’re startled awake by the roar of a tank. You step out your camel-hide tent and peek over your war-donkey, but you just don’t see a thing. There’s still the sound of metal gears crunching together, and you can physically see tank tread-marks and exhaust fumes getting closer to you, but there is no tank. What do you do?You go back to bed. At least that’s what the Ministry of Defence is hoping anyway. They’ve invented the invisible tank, you see, and hope to have them ready for the kill by 2012. A soldier who’s seen it first-hand says:

“This technology is incredible. If I hadn’t been present I wouldn’t have believed it. I looked across the fields and just saw grass and trees – but in reality I was staring down the barrel of a tank gun.”

As we understand it, the technology involves a whole bunch of cameras and projectors. The surrounding area is filmed, then projected onto the tank’s other side. It seems then, that ‘invisible’ may not be the right word. Perhaps ‘perfectly camouflaged’ would suit things better. We don’t care though, the headline stays.

If a camera breaks mid-battle, or a projector just fails, that’s it. The competitive edge provided by an invisible tank is all but lost. The man behind this all, one Professor Sir John Pendry, knows this and he has a plan:

“The next stage is to make the tank invisible without [the cameras and projectors] – which is intricate and complicated, but possible.”

What’s more – the same technology could be used to make jackets for the soldier himself.

Source: HSpray

An eyewitness to the Phoenix lights I heard on the radio said he could look up and see stars shimmering through the UFO’s triangular outline above him. Alien technology would probably have better ways than cameras and projectors to bend light around their spaceships. And here’s a freaky thought: What if there are hundreds of invisible alien craft over our cities all the time, but they are usually hidden by their technology. Phoenix may have just been an alien equipment failure which allowed people to see them. They probably had no idea they were visible.

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