Biggest fire in history: Authorities urge 3,000 to evacuate in Texas

By | March 15, 2006

Biggest fire in history Authorities urge 3000 to evacuate in TexasIt seems strange to me, very strange how little coverage nationally there is of all these massive fires in Texas (view fire maps) in Winter time. Yes, it is still Winter. Also, some say 1/2 million acres today, but a day or so ago I read 900,000 acres (biggest in history).

Must be over a million acres burned so far. Personally, I think the USA is under attack from hostile forces and they are hushing it up. Check out this quote:

There were 10 active fires Wednesday, and firefighters responded to more than 200 new fires for a second consecutive 24-hour period.” – DALLAS

Winds contribute, but they don’t start fires. Are the cows smoking cigars and dropping matches?

I mean 400 NEW fires starting over the course of two days? Crazy. Lightning?

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