Aurora Shooting, Unanswered Questions

By | July 26, 2012

In addition to the accomplice in the first row who got a cell phone call then propped the emergency exit door open for him, reports of multiple shooters (anyone have a first hand source for one or more of those?), the Tennessee license plates on the supposed shooter’s car, the question of how he could afford $20,000 worth of gear, why his mother’s statements were misused to make it seem like she thought he was the shooter,  why the hell he was  drugged out of his mind in the first court appearance, and why they will now be keeping the rest of the court appearances secret, this is another thing that makes no sense:

…questions remain. One was pointed out to me this morning in an email from Andrew Griffin, Editor at Red Dirt Report. According to a news items in the Toronto Sun: “MSNBC reports that public records show Holmes lived with two roommates at the apartment, which is reserved for students, faculty and staff from the medical campus.”

But if you go to the original MSNBC account, oops, the mention of Holmes’ alleged two roommates has disappeared.

What is going on here?

… when you google “james homes two room mates” there is a link to the feed of, which mentions this in the teaser on the google search listing. But when you go to the link, and look for the word “room mates”, there is none.
And what a coincidence, the google cache for that page does not work either. ….

via Twilight Language: Aurora: Synchromystic Wonderland.

The mother was quoted out of context by ABC News according to this:

A criminal-defense attorney hired by the family of shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes says his mother was portrayed inaccurately by national media reports that implied she knew her son was troubled. Lawyer Lisa Damiani said her client Arlene Holmes knew nothing about the mass murder in Denver when she was awakened about 5:45 a.m. PDT Friday by ABC News. Damiani said the reporter asked whether she was Arlene Holmes and whether her son was James Holmes. Reading a statement from Arlene Holmes, Damiani said: “I said ‘Yes, you have the right person.’ But I was talking about myself.”
via DelcoTimes

Arlene Holmes: “I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time. He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered, ‘Yes, you have the right person.’ I was referring to myself.
via RightEntertainment

In theses screenshots you don’t get the full effect of the video. If you watch him on the video it seems that he is not hearing any of the words said in the room. He looks completely drugged out. When the judge asks him a question, someone interrupts so it does not become obvious that he is checked out. Then the judge reads an absurd list of things he should not do, such as contacting the victim’s family. How is that supposed to happen? There is no way he will be out of prison. What is really scary is that he looks like Jason Mraz. I’ve watched the video of him giving a presentation when he was 18. Seems like a very normal slightly nervous guy. My gut says he didn’t do it, that he was framed.  The problem is in today’s system, if someone powerful enough wants to frame you, you are screwed. He was not given a chance to say anything yet.

YouTube has the full video but someone edited in photos of the victims when we should be noticing how drugged out Holmes is. Why is the unedited RAW Full Video unavailable now? Notice at the end of the YouTube video that “Motion 6” is to allow confidential Defense experts to be present for scientific testing of evidence. Why would the experts be confidential? I’m glad I watched the whole thing. My previous statements are that he appeared to not hear a single word. Indeed looked like the case when I watched it a second time, until the very end. He does stand on his own, understanding at least when it is time to leave.

i’ll bet he is wondering what happened and why he is being framed.

This is really crazy… from watching him, it looks like his mind has been taking over by someone and he is fighting to regain control. I know that is reading a lot into his facial expressions, but it just seems very strange…

MK Ultra.

even drudge has up this morning: “Joker turned Zombie”

6 thoughts on “Aurora Shooting, Unanswered Questions

  1. xxx

    JFK and RFK shootings on Steroids
    My idea is Holmes was sitting in the car the whole time all suited up like the real shooter.
    Real shooter puts freshly fired Glock on top of car with Holmes and leaves in another vehicle?

  2. Ian C.

    Then what is the motive of the real shooter and also maybe this defendant is messed up by the violent memories he made for himself. Please don`t get me wrong I love conspiracies. especially when the defendnt`s psychiatrist worked at a space base. peace

    1. Xeno Post author

      Alex Jones says the motive was to change public opinion about guns right before UN legislation came out to disarm citizens. Same with anthrax attacks and the Patriot Act if you look at who was targeted and when. Now look… All semi auto with clips over 10 rounds are about to be banned?

      The plan, says Jones, is to start a civil war against US war vets and cops who will have to enforce the new gun ban. They then bring in the IMF troops and after the massacre the US fake democracy is replaced with a real dictatorship. There are all kinds of lies and dirty tricks planned along the way. Drones, fake enemies, fake news, and so on.

      1. Ian C.

        I am from Canada and all that I can think is you couldn’t pay me enough to help enforce any kind of large scale, government-backed civil disarmament in the U.S.. That would be like trying to take candy from a rabid baby!

        1. Xeno Post author

          I’m not a joiner so one possibility I see is that Alex Jones is, weirdly, part of the machine. In that case, the real motive in the Colorado killing and even with the gun control laws pending may be to make lots of money playing on people’s fears to get them to buy guns. If that was the plan, it worked. Gun sales are way up, I’m fact, they reached record highs after the massacre:

          Look for any strange action in the stock market, like big bets on Strum, Ruger, right before the shootings. This is from three months before the shooting:

          Since RGR rose 3.92% in July after the shootings, how much would a person make if they had put $10,000 into “buying the RGR May 2012 $60 Calls for around $0.70” as the above article says?

          On June 13, 2012, someone using the initials “jp” asked this question on marketplayground:

          Question: “If I felt RGR was going to be higher in 1-3 months from now, what would be a good option that would track the stock nicely w/o too much spread?” ~ jp

          Answer: “… For about $7000-$9000 it is currently possible to control $36,000 worth of stock…”

          I don’t know enough about the market to know what this means the actual profit would be. Does this mean that some evil foreign banker with $100,000 to invest could have made $250,000 profit in one month from the Colorado massacre? Hopefully one of those 100 FBI agents on this case will check on that possibility.

  3. Ian C.

    very interesting. Hypothetically speaking, any dissident voice of opposing perspectives in the media on any level could be manipulated by methodically compromising their sources with counter intelligence. If one had the resources I suppose. Also on the notion of manipulating markets through the media. If you had the forsight and power, you could line up your “controlled” stock hike to immediately preceed or succeed other fixed and expected insider trading events. If this was plausible, then the emergence of contribed media spectacles would correlate to the chronological gaps between a set of several expected insider trading events. One could not be able to indicate which way the correlation between media and markets was influenced without a solid data set of past known insider trading. I can only imagine how effective this could be if you had a global network of other sociopathic, coporate powerhouses.

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