AT&T just limited my unlimited data plan

By | July 10, 2012

AT&T just limited my unlimited data planAT&T lost a lawsuit but the fight is still going on. I hit my limit the day before my vacation, so my business plan to work from the road on my large music files via is shot. I also now can’t listen to Internet radio on the road or send free texts or use Voxer to keep in touch during my trip… Unless I stop at a wifi hotspot.

Even some AT&T reps were baffled. How can an unlimited data plan get limited? I fought with them for 3 hours and couldn’t get it removed for even ten minutes to finish downloading my work to my phone. The lies are what made me absolutely livid. I was told that the restriction was automated and that it will come off automatically in a few weeks. Makes sense, but when I asked for an exception I was told that no one can remove the restriction. I was told that no human can remove the restriction! Did a human program the restriction? Evasive answer. Restatement that I can pay more to get access. Why the hell should I pay more per month not to be throttled when I already pay for unlimited data? As i see it, AT&T failed to anticipate bandwidth growth and failed to invest as needed in infrastructure, so now they are trying to wiggle out of their contracts with some of their most loyal customers.

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  1. jim carlin

    don’t screw with ma bell
    or any other phone compan
    i lived to regret it
    and an employee told me nobody listens
    i learned that in spades

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