Artificial Brain Aids Cosmic Exploration

By | July 16, 2009

Artificial Brain Aids Cosmic Exploration

A technique based on how brain neurons behave could dramatically speed up computer simulations of the universe, said U.K. researchers.

Cosmologists have long used computers to simulate what the universe looks like and how it evolved. But modelling the universe in detail is an extremely time consuming process.

Therefore researchers, led by postgraduate student Cesario Almeida from the University of Durham, have used an artificial neural network (ANN) to speed up the process of creating mock catalogues of galaxies.

Their findings appear on the arXiv physics website.

ANN simulates the way brain neurons connect and compute information, and it can be used to solve a range of astronomy, mathematics and engineering problems.

By comparing mock galactic catalogues with actual observations, such as the ATLAS sky survey currently being conducted by the Herschel space observatory, cosmologists can assess how well their models perform.

The observatory, which was launched into space in May 2009, will map 600 square degrees or just over 1 percent of the sky – an area that contains around one billion galaxies.

via Artificial Brain Aids Cosmic Exploration: Discovery News.

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