Artifical Trees with Nanoleaves to Generate Power

By | March 2, 2009

To capitalize on the wealth of designs and processes found in nature, engineering and technology gave us the ingredients, creative thinking, and unique solutions made it possible to bring all this together into a natural looking leaf – the Nanoleaf.

To complete the tree for multi energy exploitation, the petiole twigs and branches are incorporated with Nano piezo-electric elements. A Nanoleaf is thin like a natural leaf, when outside forces, like the wind pushes the Nanoleaf back and forth, mechanical stresses appear in the petiole, twig and branches. When thousands of Nanoleaves flap back and forth due to wind, millions and millions of Pico watts are generated, the stronger the wind, the more energy is generated.

tree_photoOur Nanoleaves only reflect a small part of the sunlight that strikes them, mostly the green light, and the rest of the spectrum is efficiently converted into electricity.

Besides converting the visible spectrum of light, our Nanoleaves also convert the invisible light, known as infrared light or radiation, we can’t see it, but we can feel it – it’s warm – that’s why we call it radiation. Due to the unique combination of photovoltaic and thermovoltaic in our Nanoleaves it converts this thermal radiation into electricity, even

tree_piezoThe more wind there is,the more Nanoleaves are moved. Wind that is moving thousands of Nanoleaves in a tree canopy are causing mechanical strain in the petiole, twigs and branches. Nano piezo-electric elements incorporated in the petiole twigs and branches are the tiny Nano piezo-electric elements that will generate millions and millions of Pico watts as these thousands of Nanoleaves flap back and forth due to wind. The stronger the wind, the higher the “flap” frequency, and therefore the larger the watts generated in the petiole, twigs and branches. With the progress in nano technology, the photovoltaic, thermovoltaic and piezo electric materials are becoming more efficient and combined in one system it will give our products more efficiency and we believe that soon, SolarBotanic will be a mainstream green energy provider, more reliable/cheaper and above all better looking…

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