Arson kills 4 in California

By | October 27, 2006

Arson kills 4 in CaliforniaFour firefighters have died fighting this arson fire in Riverside county. A 5th is in critical condition. High winds have fed flames which so far have destroyed 24,000 acres.

Fire officials say the Esperanza fire began about 1 a.m. Thursday in the foothill area along Esperanza Avenue. Forensic specialists combed the ground near the area searching for clues. One neighbor near the fire’s starting point told The Times he saw two white males in their early 20s fleeing the area. – latimes

2 thoughts on “Arson kills 4 in California

  1. newsjunkie

    i heard ’bout that here in new york. now i wonder why they couldn’t get out? they were sitting in the freak.. fire truck!

  2. xeno735

    The wind blew up and they got surrounded by flames. They tried to run for it but didn’t make it. Horrible way to go. There should be some special equipment like a bubble or something you could get in that would keep you safe.

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