Arson Terrorists Target Florida?

By | May 10, 2006

Arson Terrorists Target FloridaWho would be surprised if some pyromaniac nutcases angry at the US due to Bush’s actions are setting hundreds of fires? I mean, what do Texas and Florida have in common besides having Bush’s as current or past Govenors?

Remeber this? “Firefighters in Texas were battling 10 major blazes Wednesday and responded to more than 200 new fires for a second consecutive 24-hour period.” – more

Now we have this: “The Department of Forestry says 103 fires are now burning across the state of Florida scorching nearly 25,000 acres.” – more

“If you spot someone setting a fire, you need to call the Florida Arson Hotline right away. The number is 1-800 342-5869.”

“?Over half of our fires are incendiary, which means they were intentionally set,? Donahoe said.” – osc

Is it really “boys, ages 10 and 12” doing this? Or is that just a cover story? I mean, “No other information about the arrests was released.” and if the culprits were caught, why are there now more fires?

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