Area UFO sighting under investigation

By | April 22, 2008

Area UFO sighting under investigation

Local law enforcement officials are investigating several reports from individuals claiming to have observed an unidentified flying object hovering in various locations across Barron County.

According to Barron County Sheriff Tom Richie, the dispatch center received numerous calls from individuals at approximately 10 p.m. Monday reporting a possible UFO. Barron County deputies on duty that night reportedly observed the object.

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Kristina Hauser, 20, of Chetek, was traveling with her family near the Rice Lake airport at about 9:40 p.m. when they saw the object. Hauser explained that the object, which initially appeared yellow, was flying toward Rice Lake and was dipping very low and moved very fast, heading back and forth across the road. She stated the object was hovering around their car for about a mile before it headed back to the airport.

Hauser also reported that after she was dropped off in Rice Lake, her family witnessed the object again on the way back to Chetek, hovering about 20 feet above their vehicle. They described it to her as a triangular or teardrop-shaped object with purple and blue lights. They could hear no sound coming from the object, and a red laser like light was shining on one end of it to the ground. The object followed their vehicle another four miles before it just disappeared.

Hauser’s father, Glen, also spoke with various local police officers who had gotten calls on the object as well. While working at Wal-Mart, Kristina also spoke with a Rice Lake police officer who had talked with local hospitals and the Federal Aviation Administration. All confirmed helicopters were grounded and there did not appear to be any air traffic in the area.

“By the way it moved, having no sound, and th way it looked, I knew it was not from this planet,” said Julie Hauser, Kristina’s mother. “It was the scariest thing.”

In a brief interview, Rice Lake Air Center Manager Jerry Stites explained that there were employees of the airport in the Rice Lake area who observed what appeared to be aircraft landing between 9-9:30 p.m., but no employees were at the airport when the sightings were reported. After reviewing security tapes, Stites added that to their knowledge, no planes landed at the air center Monday night. The helicopter at the airport also remained grounded until about 3 a.m. He added that he monitored the aviation radio until abut 9 p.m., and there was no activity in the vicinity, but explained that did not mean there were no aircraft landing.

Calls to Cumberland Memorial Hospital and Sacred Heart in Eau Claire confirmed there were no airport runs to the Barron or Rice Lake area. Information on helicopter runs from Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake, Luther Hospital in Eau Claire, and Luther Midlefort Northland were not available at press time. – zwire

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  1. Kristina

    Well I’m not quite sure what to say… A friend of mine had said that the information from the paper had made it to many various websites. So now I am going and CORRECTING much of the info. I am Kristina, the one from the Barron paper and Chetek paper. Firstly I would like to say it was very upsetting to have the articles posted because they were so wrongly quoted. The information that was given was twisted quite brutally. We never came forward to just tell the story, in fact I wanted nothing more than to just let it be because it was that scary. My father was the person who originally contacted the paper to see if anyone had reported anything. When they had said no he had explained what happened. I’m not quite sure how I came to be the one to say all of these things considering I wasn’t even there for over half of the event but I can tell you exactly what happened to me and our family.

    Starting off I have no idea what in the world it was we saw. My mother has a knack for exaggeration, many of the things I supposedly said were things she had said. It was not a tear drop shape it was more triangular. It was quiet, low, fast and agile. Something that really irritates me the most is I had seen it exactly a week before on SS running from Cameron to Rice Lake. I was in a hurry to get to work, by myself, and it came from the right hand side of the road in front of me. It moved slow and had one light on it. It had appeared from behind some trees and flew over SS towards airport road. It had startled me because it was so low, it was literally 25 feet above my car. It was right before I got to the top of the hill, as I drove towards it, it kind of flew above me for no more than a few seconds before it flew off. I sped up as I drove down the hill trying to see what it was. It was really quiet and slow almost gliding. It was unsettling but I didn’t have time to stop because I was going to be late for work. I had seen it around 9:55pm. I told my mother about it and she just shrugged it off, because of that I wouldn’t drive SS by myself the rest of the week. Honestly I felt kind of crazy, I have seen a number of things in the sky. White lights you think are stars that start swirling and such but this was just to strange to close for comfort.

    The incident the papers reported was a week later, I was still scared to drive by myself so I asked my mother to drive me to work that night. Again we were running late, I had my brother and sister with me as well and they took forever getting ready to go. I hate the highway because it takes 3 minutes longer than SS but my mom prefers to drive it, much to my annoyance so she took the highway that night. We had gotten about 1/3 of the way to rice lake when I had noticed a oddly yellow light in the sky. It was about as high as as many of the radio towers around and unmoving, I pointed it out to my mother because I thought it was strange. It was quite a few miles away down the highway and as we got closer it turned from yellow to white. We had watched it all wondering out loud as to what it was, when we got about 2 miles away from the airport it had gotten lower. Then it disappeared, suddenly from nowhere it swooped over our car heading towards the airport. It was fast and low, then it turned around and headed back over our car where it hovered above us for a good mile or two. It was terrifying because you couldn’t hear it, see it, anything.. you would try to look up but it was right above us and I was to scared to open the window and look up. Then it slowly started heading back towards the airport. It swerved around and got really low but never landed. It was like it was scoping out the lights or something. I was freaking out when I thought it was landing because I knew it was not an airplane. I have no idea what it was but I am certain of that. My mom dropped me off at work and I told her to take SS back and avoid the highway but she didn’t listen. Now as I said I wasn’t there for what they saw. I wa

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