Area 51 Batplane Caught On Video

By | January 31, 2013

Area 51 Batplane Caught On Video

A super secret airplane filmed over Area 51 in Nevada looks more like something out of a Batman movie than Jane’s Defense Weekly. The image here was caught on video by a man who lives near Groom Lake, Nevada, and has a remote cabin situated near the landing strip for the Air Force’s research and development complex.

The man lives in the cabin which is nestled between several mountainous peaks. That makes it difficult for civilians to capture images of secret aircraft for more than a few seconds at a time.

In this case, the video lasts about 45 seconds and reveals enough detail to see what the military is up to in aircraft design these days.

The jet looks like the swept, forward-facing wing type made famous in the Batman movies. It’s bristling with missiles and clearly shows an advanced, rear engine design along with an oddly shaped nose and weird vents along the side hull.

No wonder so many people claim to see UFOs in the area. …

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Awesome. I love a good Bat Jet. I hope they use it wisely.

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