Are There UFOs in the NC Sky?

By | March 2, 2006

Are There UFOs in the NC Sky

It’s part of the human curiosity. Many of us wonder … are we alone?

A Gallup poll shows that 72 percent of Americans believe there is life on other planets. And one in five of us believe aliens have been in contact with human beings. Our own curiosity made us want to find out what evidence, if any, there is of alien spacecraft flying over North Carolina’s skies. And why do people believe in, and explore, life from beyond. That quest took us to the central part of the state.

… In one account, Caviness and a companion saw two UFO’s approaching. They took these pictures. Then, whatever it was, was gone. “We looked up, and they had to be right over our heads because they were approaching us, and there were just not visible. But they clearly showed up in the photos.”

Caviness does not just believe these unidentified flying objects are alien crafts, but that aliens are part of human life. He said, “There are a lot more people being abducted by these UFO’s then you would ever dream.”

People like Alan Caviness himself. “I know I’ve been abducted before.”

Once, he says, he heard a strange clicking noise in open air. On the way from his mailbox to his home, something happened. Caviness recounted, “I walked to my front door-about 30 feet over short grass-and I no longer had my house key, my car key, in my hand. I think I was taken and returned, minus my keys. These things are happening.”


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