Antarctic iceberg that looks like candy

By | March 18, 2008

One of them looks like a giant mint humbug, with its clear blue, green and brown stripes.The other looks as if it has been shot through with a streak of spearmint.

These stunning banded icebergs – formed over hundreds, if not thousands, of years – were pictured floating in the waters of the Antarctic.


Some of the stripes formed when layers of the iceberg melted and refroze.

Others were created from the dust and soil picked up when the ice sheet that gave birth to the iceberg was sliding down an Antarctic hillside.

They were photographed by Norwegian sailor Oyvind Tangen, on board a research ship around 1,700miles south of Cape Town and 660miles north of the Antarctic.

“It reminds me of striped candy I bought as a child,” said 62-year-old Mr Tangen.


Source: Dailymail

5 thoughts on “Antarctic iceberg that looks like candy

  1. eleanor haks

    these pictures are absoluotly amazing! this has helped me so much with my school project on ‘how does striped ice occur?’. thank-you so, so much :). keep up the great work!

  2. Tayler

    These would have to be the best pictures of an iceberg i have ever seen! These have helped on my school work as well as eleanor! i agree with her, these are absoloutly amazing!:) you guys rule i read your comments all the time! keep up the amazing work!

  3. Steven McKay

    OMG! These would have to be fake if i hadn’t travelled to antarctica before for a holiday! lol! u guyz rule and every thing here is all good. i luv ur work and i think ur amazing!! but enough of that now, i just wanna know, who took these photos? well i hpe the next person who writes a comment will answer that! keep up the fantabulous work and thnx!

  4. Eleanor Haks

    i am so pleased with that info u gave me i got an A+ for my information. i’m sooooo happy ;). i read ur last comment and decided to find out who took that photo. i found it from the daily mail. it says it underneath the photo! dur steven! 🙂 well thatz all from me, but i have one request, could you plz detail the info about the photo a bit more plz, like who took it, where did it come from, when did they take it, etc. keep it up, just take that advice and use it plz ;).

  5. steven mckay

    thanks eleanor haks for the request and the photo info. yer it was pretty dumb not lookin at it clearly.:( my bad. say eleanor and tayler. plz send me some messages on msn plz. my email is plz email me, any one can! 🙂 well cya!

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