Another Megacryometeor

By | May 24, 2006

Another MegacryometeorHow many of these are happening but are not witnessed or reported? Probably due to global climate change. Or some weather weapon experiement? Does NORAD track these incoming ‘missiles’?

It was a pretty typical Saturday evening for Dan and Jean Ciechanowski as they worked the barbecue and chatted with neighbors this past weekend. Then it happened.

Dan Ciechanowski heard a noise that he described as the sound a missile makes and saw something moving across the sky at a 45-degree angle.

It smashed into a vacant lot next to his property with a crash that shook the foundation of his house.

That crash was pretty close to where Jean Ciechanowski was grilling. Though there is a fence between her property and the vacant yard, she too heard the missile-like sound and felt the impact.

In the end, the object ? a large chunk of ice ? had landed just a few feet away.

?First I heard the noise of it coming down,? she said. ?Then there’s this crash and it shook the ground all around me. It was a pretty scary thing to go through.?

In fact, the Ciechanowskis described the impact as surreal. What they found afterward was a one-foot-deep crater in the adjacent yard with a hunk of ice two feet around sitting in the middle.

The ice fell at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. When investigated by city police, it was assumed that the ice had fallen from a plane. Police called the Federal Aviation Administration to see if any planes in the area had inadvertently dropped the ice from one of their holding tanks. Or it could be a form of ?blue ice,? a euphemism used in the airline industry for ice that falls from leaking airplane lavatories.

There were too many planes in the area to find a culprit, police said, but Ciechanowski isn’t so sure that the ice came from a plane. – more

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