Another Chupacabra sighting in Texas?

By | September 25, 2004

This one is walking on four legs, but my eye-witness in California said it stood on the back two legs. The front legs do look shorter than the back here. I wonder if it can stand up like a kangaroo. Strange.

(woai) “Michael Rigsby from Nacogdoches sent News 4 WOAI these pictures, but he isn’t sure what this animal is. It’s tough to see through the fog, but the animal has a bushy tail. Rigsby tells News 4 the animal had canine-like features, but it doesn’t look like a dog. Comparing the animal to the beast found in Elmendorf, the Elmendorf version was hairless. The animal Rigsby found was hairy. Another man in east Texas reported seeing a chupacabra-type animal near Lufkin a few weeks ago.”

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