Anglo-Saxon treasures uncovered

By | November 4, 2009 newly-found hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold has been officially acknowledged as treasure by the authorities – meaning the amateur metal detector enthusiast who found it is likely to become a rich man. The hoard was found in a field in Staffordshire by 55-year-old Terry Herbert (pictured) in July. Archaeologists went on to uncover at least 1,345 items, many of them fashioned from gold. Terry Herbert found the gold with a 14-year-old metal detector.

The exact location has been kept secret by archaeologists who says it is the most significant find since Sutton Hoo in unravelling Anglo-Saxon history.

Mr Herbert will have to split the value with the owner of the farmland where it was discovered. Only four helmets like the one from which this cheek plate is taken have survived. The plate would have been worn in battle to mark the warrior’s status.
he vast hoard will officially became the property of the Queen to ensure it does not leave the UK.
Much of the treasure will be on display at Birmingham Museum Art gallery before it is moved to the British Museum in London. Archaeologists say the hoard was likely to be a collection of trophies but they cannot tell yet whether it was from a single battle or from a long and successful military career.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Anglo-Saxon treasures uncovered.

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    please have a look at – this is a blog set up to record a unique project set up in kent to conserve the finds from an anglo-saxon cemetery site found in the area, thanks. This is an exciting and unique project and although there is not many gold finds as in the stafforshire hoard we do have exciting mineral preserved organics!

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