An Egg Inside an Egg!

By | March 10, 2008

For the last several days, all our eggs have been brown. That’s a little odd, because two of our chickens — Flappy and Frick — lay blue eggs. They’re among our best layers, but sometimes they like to take a few days off. Resting, I guess, or something like that.

We didn’t think a lot about the fact that we hadn’t gotten any blue eggs for a few days until I went out to put the chickens up for the night tonight. As I walked into their yard, I caught sight of something unexpected laying in the mud by the gate.

Normal large brown egg on the left:


“Want to see what’s in it?” I asked.

“You know I do!”

I carried the egg into the kitchen and got a bowl out of the cabinet.

“I’m almost afraid there’s something alive in it,” I said, because I think about freaky things like that all the time. “Some mewling thing that’s going to fall out into the bowl and I’ll have to kill before it escapes and starts killing cats.”

The shell of the monster egg was thin, and cracked easily. What came out was even more surprising than the egg itself: A yolk, a white…and another complete egg, this one normal-sized.


The second egg was almost perfectly normal:


The yolk was bigger, and the white was a little cloudy.  – vit

5 thoughts on “An Egg Inside an Egg!

  1. Nimravid

    That is absolutely fascinating. I guess the second egg got a little too close to the first while its shell was forming. I wonder how often that happens.

    I hope your chicken is ok. It looks like laying that egg could have been a traumatic event.

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  3. Janice

    We used to have chickens on our farm when I was growing up. We sometimes had eggs with 2 yolks, (double yolks) but I’ve never seen or heard of this.

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