Protesters moon Amtrak riders, 27th annual

By | July 9, 2006

Some fun amusement in a place just south of Los Angeles, CA called Laguna Niguel.

Protesters 2Hundreds of people bare their behinds to them in the 27th mooning of trains.? Once they were a bunch “a small bunch” of crazies. Now they are a nation.You had ladies from the Red Hat Society standing next to members of the Hessians motorcycle gang, standing next to a group of nudists, standing next to a 70-year-old (normally sedate) mom standing next to an avowed libertarian.

All laughing, chatting and waving. With their pants down. And their behinds up against a chain-link fence every time an Amtrak train passed.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world,” said Robin Felton, 52, of Anaheim, a manager for ICC in Cerritos. “I pay my taxes. I follow the laws. I pay the high gas prices. This is my one day to say, ‘I live with it, but you know what guys? Here. Have a little of it back. Here’s to everything I don’t like.’ ”

BOTTOMS UP: First-time mooner Carol Wichenheisser, 72, left, joins the fun Saturday morning in Laguna Niguel to celebrate the 27th annual mooning of Amtrak, an event that attracted thousands and lasted all day.? … Kids sold lemonade. Motor homes raised American flags, tiki torches flared and smoke issued from barbecue pits. Rock bands drove in from Vegas,. Vendors hawked jewelry and T-shirts from booths. – more

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