American Military Pursues Antigravity Weapons

By | May 15, 2006

American Military Pursues Antigravity Weapons

In the summer of 2002 an unusual story by Nick Cook appeared in Jane’s Defence Weekly. Cook revealed that the American aerospace contractor Boeing was investigating antigravity technology at their Phantom Works facility.

Now it can be proven that the American military was also investigating antigravity technology for weapons research. Evidence that the US Military had an interest in developing so-called antigravity technology for new super-weapons systems can be found in a 2001 Dept. of Defense budget document.

Buried in the obscure, “Annual Report on Cooperative Agreements and Other Transactions Entered into During FY2001,” the US Army Aviation and Missile Command awarded funds to experimentally test superconductors for the manipulation of the gravitational field.

Heading this effort was Dr. Ning Li and her company AC Gravity Inc.

…. According to the abstract for the Gravito-Electro Magnetic Superconductivity Experiment:

“The ability to generate gravitational forces artificially would allow for new forms of propulsion, new ways of controlling missiles and gun-launched munitions, the lowering of weight of heavy vehicles (i.e., making a 70 ton tank appear to weight much less), and the potential of deflecting or countering the guidance systems of missiles which rely on inertial guidance (like theater or intercontinental ballistic missiles).” – amchron

We aren’t really doing this. This is actually just a trick to get other countries to spend a lot of money on a dead end.? Shhh. Don’t tell. Or… is it?

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    Hi Xeno,

    Nice to find another post on Dr. Ning Li. I personally think that she is our official/unofficial breakthrough for the technology of “Taming Gravity”.

    I have a number of posts on her and her A/C Gravity.

    One of them is on a point of view that I think is hardly even thought of sense the subject is so new and that is the environmental implications on what is going to happen once we start “Taming Gravity”, which I’m sure is inevitable.

    That post is HERE!


    PS I’d love to read your reaction to it in comments. Thanks

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