Alligator kills jogger

By | May 12, 2006

Alligator kills jogger

Miami – Construction workers in the American state of Florida have found the body of a woman, apparently attacked by an alligator while she was on a nightly jog. Yovy Suarez Jimenez, 28, was found floating in a canal in the small city of Sunrise on Wednesday, a day after witnesses said they saw an alligator drag her into the water. Wildlife officers were searching for what could be a 3m alligator, which has been spotted in the area.

There are about one million alligators in Florida. Twenty-five fatal attacks have been reported since 1948. Experts believe a lack of rain is bringing the alligators out of the wild and into ponds and canals in residential areas. Earlier this week, a 74-year-old woman in south western Florida was bitten on the leg by an alligator while she was watering her plants.

She beat back the reptile with her garden hose. – news24

9 thoughts on “Alligator kills jogger

  1. Karen R.

    I think the alligators are attacking humans because their habitat is being destroyed by us and thay are running out of places to go and are running out of pray to eat. I fill bad for all those people who got killed by them.

  2. Karen R.

    I think that if we stop cutting down trees they will have a much bigger habitat and stop killing people and I hope this message will mean something to you.

  3. cody

    yea,stop killing alligators,they are doing this because we are pushing them too hard.I am a 11 year old trying to help alligators,i hope this helps

  4. Mikala F.

    I strongly disagree with killing alligators!!!! We need to stop killing trees because it not only takes away their habitat it depleats the fresh oxygen for us and other wildlife. They diserve our protection. I am a 12 year old and i love alligators! I feel really bad for the people that died and their families but we need to leave them alone and be more cautious. I want to help and I hope this message wil do something.

  5. Mikala F.

    It is sad to know that people are killing alligators! They are beautiful animals. We go to florida every year and we always go and see alligators and crocidiles!!! It is one of my favorite things to do in Florida!!! I just hate how there is an alligator hunting season!!! THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!!! It is not nessacary to kill them!!!! I hope this message does something!!!

  6. Xeno Post author

    Hi Mikala,
    Thanks for caring about these animals and for letting people know how you feel.

    It is important for human survival to keep a lot of other different kinds of animals around.

    I think you know this instinctively, but many people do not. Biologists and ecologists talk about this using the word Diversity.

    Everything is connected, but many people do not see or understand the connections until it is too late. If we kill off the alligators, for example, there might then be too many rats (alligators eat rats among other things), and the rats might kill humans by carrying diseases.

    As far as being beautiful, I think they are very interesting to watch. They seem like dinosaurs to me.

  7. Shark Boy

    June 14, 2011 at1;30pm.

    I don’t agree with Kiea because every summer I go to Florida and see alligators in Busch Gardens where they seem really nice. The alligators in Busch Gardens are also well trained and fun to watch them being fed.

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