What’s up in Allentown Pennsylvania?

By | December 11, 2006

Whats up in Allentown Pennsylvania

At least three houses were destroyed, and a fourth was heavily damaged, in an apparent explosion Saturday in Allentown, Pennsylvania. No injuries are reported, but authorities evacuated nearby houses as a precaution.

One neighbor says all she heard was “a big boom.” She says her whole house “just shook” and her windows broke. A large cloud of smoke was visible from the city’s downtown. An explosion a day earlier in nearby Bethlehem destroyed a duplex and was most likely caused by a gas leak. No injuries were reported in that blast. – wfie

UGI marketing manager Tony Cox said he has not spoken to the subcontractor. Cox said the man was doing work on gas meters, but could not confirm exactly what he was doing. He also would not confirm that there was a smell of gas before the explosion. He said the worker had a small cut on his face. ”I don’t know his name. He was not a UGI employee.”

… Denise Parker, of 1914 S. Delaware St., didn’t see the explosions but saw smoke, flames and large white flashes of electricity arcing across roofs of homes on Mohawk.” – mcall

Mysterious subcontractors doing unknown work… two huge explosions in two consecutive days … white flashes of electricity?!? What in the Hellboy is going on?

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