“Alien Skeleton” case solved

By | January 21, 2009


It came to light in 2004, in circumstances akin to a mystery novel. Wilson Estevanovic, from a centuries-old European family now in Brazil, was the curator of many strange artifacts. And just before his death, he gave his son, Wellington, the “mission to recover the pieces”, spread throughout the country in sealed boxes.

Box number 7 should be open only seven years after Wilson’s death”, he said just “moments before dying”. Tense. When the box was finally open, “the surprise. Inside was the mummified skeleton of a singular being. The head measures almost a meter in diameter. The thorax, only 12 cm. The eyes are disproportionate, there are no ears, the teeth are complete and there are six fingers in the feet. Besides the skeleton, in the same box, a rock. ‘It’s a piece of meteorite, weighing 14 Kg’, [Wellington] explains.” Creepy?

Not so much. We uncovered new information that question all this mystery with the not-at-all subtle suggestion that it’s the skeleton of an extraterrestrial. This spurious idea came to a point where a questionable Japanese TV show not only claimed it was an alien, but “reconstructed” its appearance in the images you can see above. Note how they even assume their alien was blue.

In fact, the skeleton is originally from an Anthropology Museum in Bahia, Brazil. It was a specimen showing a case of hydrocephalus and other malformations, but despite them, it was, and is, very human. It was discarded around 1998, around the time Wilson Estevanovic passed away and a few years before the “alien mummy” was allegedly found by his sons.

This is an interesting example of people using physical evidence to reach the wrong conclusion. The images  which can be viewed full sized on forgetomori show a deformed dead and decomposing human child, not a blue alien.

hidrocefaliaestaciolima…  THE IMAGES ARE QUITE GRAPHIC. They are shown here to dispel once and for all this non-mystery.

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