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By | September 13, 2009

I heard a really strange story last night. In broad daylight about 30 years ago, in Woodland, California, a woman and her 10 year old daughter were abducted from a supermarket parking lot by a UFO that swooped straight down then stopped above them. The next thing they knew they were home and had several hours missing time. They both remember seeing the ship above them.

Has anyone ever heard of something like this?

Someone different told me a story of seeing a giant rat, about three feet high in Woodland several years ago. I had a discussion about people’s brains not being able to handle seeing aliens, so they turn it into something more familiar, like a giant rat.

Anyone from the Sacramento or Woodland areas have any more to add?

As far as UFOs that swoop low in broad daylight, I did find something about this happening in California with dumbbell shaped UFOs.

“Another curious aspect of the flying dumbbells is that they seem quite unconcerned with stealth. They swoop down low in broad daylight and display bright lights when flying at night.”

… Equally leisurely was the “orange thing shaped like a fat dumbbell” spotted by a trio of witnesses in Oceanside, California, one March afternoon in 2006. Moving at around 20 mph, it wobbled overhead “with a strange oscillating motion,” and shone a pulsing strobe light down at the ground as it sailed out of sight.

Another slow-moving dumbbell was seen in Modesto, California by R. David Anderson in May 2004. He reported that it “changed directions twice, turning on a dime” – presumably ruling out the possibility that it might have been a balloon.

A pair of witnesses in Palo Alto had an unusually close glimpse of a flying barbell while relaxing on a flat rooftop one October afternoon in 1994. It consisted of a 4-foot-wide central ‘rod’ with a pair of “perfect silver balls, approximately 8 inches in diameter” at the extremities.

The object hovered only feet away from the startled witnesses, then turned with “absolute control and precision” and sped away into the distance. – wunderkabinett

Here is are other Woodland, CA UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting Center.

11/25/95 20:01 Woodland CA
2 sec. Two young boys witness 2 bright, white oval objs. streak to E, then to NE below the clouds. Objs. were very bright. 11/2/99
11/22/95 19:45 Woodland CA

Mother reported her son had become very agitated after witnessing a strange craft outside his bedroom. Disc w/ “fluttering” sound.
7/25/05 09:00 Woodland CA Disk 1-2 seconds Here’s what I THINK I saw: a part(the leading edge) of an airborne, dinner plate shaped object, camoflaged
3/20/96 “Man sees diamond-shaped obj., which appeared “shiny and metallic.” Obj. looked “like 2 triangles.” Ascended, streaked off.”

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  1. Ann

    Isn’t it odd?

    There are never, as far as I know, third party, eye-witness accounts of an alien abduction? Makes one wonder …

    About huge rats? I’ve seen them, but not 3 feet! Maybe a foot long or so, but not in the U.S.

    Three foot rat? We’re talking dog-size and that’s really big …

  2. Extralien

    I had similar once.. I was camping and thought i was having a dream about two dogs who had entered my tent.. one was about to grab my leg and drag me out, but in the ‘dream’ i sat up and said
    ‘you are not taking me like that, if you want me to come, just ask.’

    I then found myself stood outside my tent talking to six dogs. i realized this was not possible and the dogs changed into ‘people’ about 4 feet high. i had a good long chat with them.. 5 of them left, the 6th i was getting along with very well.. he did not want to leave but had to.

    Next thing I know, I am back in my tent, wide awake, shaking with utter fear and unable to look at my tent door to see if it was unzipped. i must have laid there for about an hour before getting the courage to look at my tent door.. it was closed.

    What happened here I may never know. a dream or a reality is something i ask myself.. but something strange happened that night and I shall never forget it.

  3. Ann

    Nice story.

    I liked stories about such kinds of dreams. It kind of makes us think about “reality” in a different way: what is the distinction between such kinds of dreams and the world our senses perceive when we’re (supposedly) awake?

    Some cultures (like some Native American tribes in Mexico) consider dreams as perceptions of reality, but which we normally don’t perceive. Your story is really cool, because it does fit in with some Native American accounts of wolves etc. And, also, you felt comfortable talking to the dog-people in the dream. Nice. It was only when you “arrived” inside the tent in your normal form (let’s say) that your feelings changed. You should have remembered what you talked about with the dog/people … and let us know!

  4. Extralien

    They were going to forcibly take me (for what they did not say and I did not was not needed to be known.. we each understood that).
    There was a general conversation about things…everyday things.
    The most unusual part of it was that when i was outside my tent talking to them i realsied i was naked.. (I was actually fully clothed in my sleeping bag as it was nearing winter at the time)

    It was mostly a sharing of personalities rather than anything deep or meaningful chat.. 4 of them walked out of the wooded area i was caping in and one turned to remind the remaining two that time was short and they had to go.
    They wanted me to go with them. The offer was an open invite.. like there was no real time limit on it but it would have been a good time then..

    one of the last two said a few words to the last one and left.. i was now alone with the more senior of the group.. We got on really well…both smiling and laughing and a feeling of ‘soul mates’.. a kin ship… deep things in common.. it did not want to leave but had to. As it left it paused to turn and wave bye..

    Was a very moving experience.. have longed for it to be repeated..

  5. Ann

    Americans, today, interpret events and (“vivid”) dreams like yours in their own ways. Cases such as yours could be described an “abduction” attempt, maybe? But, you know, that isn’t the only interpretation.

    I think it’s important that you felt good in the dream “sharing of personalities … smiling and laughing.” Also, you had “a feeling of ‘soul mates’ … a kin ship … deep things in common …” This perhaps indicates that these beings weren’t really “alien,” distant or so strange to you. Or, at least, there was the possibility of a natural connection between you and these beings. And, this occurred among the more “senior” (the older and thus the more wiser) among them. All this is good. Perhaps indicating they were not malevolent, but quite friendly. All good.

    The fact that you were “naked” means, perhaps, that it was only you and nothing else was needed to partake in whatever it was they wanted to do. In a sense, within clothes we hide and with them we present ourselves to other people. But you didn’t need clothes. This also indicates a certain closeness, a kinship (as close as a mother to her child, perhaps) you had to these beings. And, it wasn’t an issue, because you didn’t realize you were naked until you were outside, where it was cold, yet you didn’t mention you felt cold – the warmth of good company (?).

    You’ll probably have a repeat experience of the dream, since you “long” for it but, I think, you should treat it as a learning experience. “Alien abductions” are often told as if the “aliens” are learning from us, when it should be the other way around – we should be learning from them. In a certain way, I think, you should feel as you were special, chosen, having an exceptional opportunity to learn from them … sometime in the future.

  6. Mindy

    I think what you told us all is indeed a dream, not real life reality event, but a dream. If you wish to have another dream like such, you probably will some time in the distant future. Oh, and you are not a “chosen” one because it was a dream, please keep that in mind. Frankly, if you met aliens and they “wanted” you, let me tell you know you would not want it to happen again.

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