Alert! Russian Army Moving Towards Georgian Borders – Now!

By | May 3, 2009 is just broken out all out Russian media. I quess soon we can hear it all over.

Tone is very alarming from Russian officials – just days before NATO drill in Georgia… “Naturally, we will draw our own conclusions about this provocation.”

– NATO excercise is taking place now in Georgia
– Russian diplomats was just few days ago ousted from NATO
– Russian Army is moving across the border of Georgia
– New deals done with Ossetia and Russia in thursday

… WTF is really happening over there?

– No numbers given how much, and powerfull is Russian Army which is now moving inside South Ossetia and Abkhazia! – Scale of deployments unknown…

“Border troops command will be located in Tskhinvali proper, while others will be deployed along the whole border perimeter.”Russian guards take up duties on Abkhaz, S. Ossetia borders…

Russian troops patrol rebel borders with Georgia…

Russian guards head for Abkhazian and Ossetian borders…

USA – get out from Georgia, now…

I found this comment on ATS interesting:

Exactly. It’s NATO’s very presence and instigation of Ossetia to break away from Georgia that ignited an attack on Russian people a couple of months ago. How would we like it if a foreign power was doing exercises in say Cuba (that’s not a good example, but it’ll do) and they talked south Florida into breaking away from the state? So south Florida breaks away from Florida state, and Florida state starts firing on south Florida and BINGO, a war on American soil has started.

In such a scenario, Washington would of course react. Washington and every single American citizen would be furious at the foreign power for instigating trouble right on American soil, let alone conducting war exercises so close to America’s borders. Obviously, that’s an extremely provocative practice with obvious intentions.

Well that’s exactly what NATO is doing to Russia, provoking the hell out of them. Nobody can blame Russia for sending in troops. America would do exactly the same thing.

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