Airliner had near miss with UFO

By | October 20, 2008

A passenger jet bound for Heathrow Airport had a near miss with a UFO, Ministry of Defense files reveal.

The captain of the Alitalia airliner shouted “Look out” to his co-pilot at the sight of a brown missile-shaped object shooting past them overhead.

Civil Aviation Authority and military investigations could not explain the 1991 incident near Lydd in Kent. The unsolved close encounter features in UFO-related military documents made available by the National Archives.  After ruling out the object flying past the Alitalia jet being a missile, weather balloon or space rocket, the MoD closed the inquiry.

Nineteen files covering sightings between 1986 and 1992 are being made available online. Almost 200 such files will be made available by the MoD over the next four years. The current batch also includes a US Air Force pilot’s account of being ordered to shoot down a UFO that appeared on his radar while he flew over East Anglia.

There is also an MoD request that army and navy helicopters not take photographs of crop circles, because of concerns about undermining the official line that the military did not investigate unexplained phenomena.

And the files also contain a letter from a woman claiming to be from the Sirius system who said her spacecraft – also containing two “Spectrans” with “Mr Spock ears” – crashed in Britain during World War II. … bbc

See a video version of this story. Here is a another story from years earlier.

1954: BOAC Airliner Encounters UFO Mother Ship

I recently gained new interest in an old UFO case, when a lady sent me an email telling me that her father, who is still alive today, was a passenger on a Boening Stratocruiser on June 29, 1954 when crew members and passengers saw seven UFOs over the Atlantic Ocean. One of the UFOs was larger, or a mother ship, flanked by six other similar, yet smaller, unknown objects. The plane was England bound from Queens, New York.

The eyewitness of this tantalizing account worked for British Airways in a managerial position for over twenty five years and is currently retired and living in Miami. One of the very interesting aspects of this case is that eyewitnesses state that the objects morphed, or changed shapes as they paced the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954. The plane had left Idlewild Airport, now JFK, in Queens, New York at 4:55 PM with Captain James Howard at the helm. He was an experienced pilot.

The planes route took it along the south shore of Long Island, and then north over Connecticut and Rhode Island. Dinner had passed, with some of the passengers asleep, when at 9:05 PM, Captain Howard first observed the UFOs. He saw one large object, with six smaller UFOs. He immediately pointed out the unusual sight to his co-pilot, First Officer Lee Boyd, known for flying with the RAF Pathfinder Force during World War ll. Lee, however, had already seen the UFOs.

The objects, flying as a group, were about 5 miles from, and traveling parallel to the BOAC’s flight path. The mother ship maintained the center position in the group, while the six smaller UFOs preceded and followed it, like escort and guard. The UFO group followed the airliner for about 80 miles. From time to time, the mother ship appeared to change its shape; the six smaller UFOs changed positions as it did. … – continues on UFO casebook

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  1. Ann

    Oh, please, near miss with an airliner, really! Not likely in the real world, sorry. But, a woman from the Sirius system with 2 Spectran friends, that’s more like it. But, still her story is a little suspicious. Everyone knows they have dog ears in the Sirius system.

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