Air Force busy chasing CA UFOs over Nevada City, March 17

By | March 20, 2009

Air Force busy chasing CA UFOs over Nevada City March 17Wow. This may be the physically closest black triangle sighting to me yet.  My friends are right… the mother ship is coming for me.  😉

A … UFO chase report is coming out of Nevada City, California, after a witness reported seeing a close range triangular-shaped craft with three white lights at its three points and a single red light at its center at 10 p.m. PST on March 17.

The object was twice the size of what appeared to be an F-18 following between 100 and 300 yards behind, according to witness testimony logged into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Nevada City is about 25 miles from Beale Air Force Base.

Another group of witnesses at Long Beach, CA, reported a saucer-shaped, controlled craft maneuvering near the coast very close to the Seal Beach Navy Weapons Station at about 7 p.m. PST on March 17. More than 10 helicopters appeared to give chase. Read that complete story here.

Following is the compete and unedited witness account from the triangular-shaped report from last evening.

CA, March 17, 2009 – Triangular shaped craft emitting low rumbling sound followed closely by an F18.

Last night was crystal clear, no wind and about 45 degrees. As always I went for a walk (left house at 9:45PM) through my neighborhood, which normally takes me twenty minutes. At 10:00PM I started hearing a noise that reminded me of a large diesel generator.

Now my neighborhood does not have any streetlights and there was only the occasional driveway light on. I stopped to get better idea as to what the sound came from as it started to get louder.

As on cue all the dogs in the neighborhood went nuts.

Then I saw the blinking lights through the trees. First I thought it was a commercial airliner because its underside was illuminated and it had three blinking white strobe lights and one red one in the center. But the closer the plane got the more unusual things started to look.

First of there was a chase plane and I assume based on wing profile that it was an F-18 following at an extremely close distance. (My elevation is 3200ft. and I would guess the objects to be at about 6-7000ft). The plane followed at between 100 to 300 yards mostly directly behind and sometimes slightly to the right as they were passing me from left to right pretty much right above me. The F-18 had two white strobes, one on each wingtip, otherwise no illumination.

The “thing” it was following was something different all together.

Triangular-shaped twice the size of the chase plane

It was triangular in shape yet somewhat blurry. I could not see clean edges. It was about twice the size of the chase plane. The whole underside was illuminated by a cream colored warm light. There was one bright light at each corner that also acted as a strobe light but only visible from below. There was one red strobe in the center of the craft. …

Airspeed was that of a single engine prop plane which is the only type to fly this low around here. Any type of jet traffic is usually in the 30 000ft range except for the occasional fighter from Beale AFB and they only fly during the day. As they flew right above me the diesel sound (a pulsed rumble) was the loudest, the dogs still barking like mad. I could clearly see the outline of the chase plane against the starlit sky but the outline of the triangle remained blurred.

Flying Slow

As they past I could finally hear the sound of the jet engines from the F-18 even though at very low throttle. I wondered what the stall speed of an F-18 is because they were flying so slow, but I never heard the engine pitch change as long as I could see them.

The sound from the lead object also never changed but was still audible long after they were out of sight. The dogs went quiet as soon as I could no longer hear them, which surprised me a bit since dogs generally hear much better then us. But from start to the end they seemed to hear what and when I heard it. …

via UFO examiner

As to the question, one commenting on a race between an Indy Car and an F-18 said “The F-18 weights 40 tons.  … top speed of the Indy Car is just above the F-18’s stall speed. ” The top speed of a Formula 1 is around 300 km/h (186 mph) on most tracks.  Interesting. The F-18’s in this sighting must have been special, or the triangle was much bigger than the person thought.

The blur of the triangle’s edges is interesting too.  Could be one of our many cloaked drones all over the US watching everyone  which was malfunctioning. Could be a spy from another country… or some aliens with blurry triangular bodies … from a blurry triangular planet.

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