Age ‘no issue’ for oldest mother, 66

By | May 18, 2009

IVF test tubeA businesswoman who at 66 is to become Britain’s oldest mother says she does not have to defend her decision.

Elizabeth Adeney, of Lidgate, Suffolk, is eight months’ pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment in Ukraine, according to the Sunday Mirror.

She told the paper her age was not important, claiming it is “how I feel inside” that matters.

Ms Adeney said she felt as young as 39 at times and was fitter than some of her younger employees.

“It doesn’t interest me that I’m going to be the oldest mum in the country,” she told the paper, before revealing she planned to give birth at a clinic in Cambridge.

Most British clinics will not offer IVF treatment to women over the age of 50.


Ms Adeney, who runs a manufacturing business near her home and will be 67 in July, said: “I have young girls working for me in my factory and I’m fitter than half of them.

“I don’t have to defend what I’ve done. It’s between me, my baby and no-one else.”

Professor Severino Antinori, who helped 62-year-old Briton Patricia Rashbrook give birth three years ago, said he was shocked at the prospect of Ms Adeney having a child.

“I respect the choice medically but I think anything over 63 is risky because you cannot guarantee the child will have a loving mother or family,” he told The Sunday Times.

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