Aerial Armchair Archaeology: Google Earthing China’s Pyramids

By | October 25, 2006

Aerial Armchair Archaeology Google Earthing Chinas Pyramids

“I banked to avoid a mountain and we came out over a level valley. Directly below was a gigantic white pyramid. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. It was encased in shimmering white. This could have been metal, or some sort of stone. It was pure white on all sides. The remarkable thing was the capstone, a huge piece of jewel-like material that could have been crystal. There was no way we could have landed, although we wanted to. We were struck by the immensity of the thing” – March 28, 1947 the “New York Times” [If I’m reading this bad translation correctly].

The White Pyramid with a jewel-like capstone hasn’t been found, but with Google Earth, there is now no doubt that the Pyramids of China are real. I call this aerial armchair archaeology.

So, a few days ago I told you how to enter latitude and longitude in Google Maps. Can you just enter “34.26 North 108.52 East“? No, but you can enter “34.26 108.52” and you will end up somewhere in China. Here’s a link I made for you. There may be something to see there in Google Earth, but the maps on line are too low-res at that location to see pyramids currently. There is a high-res area nearby if you hunt around, however.

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