Actor David Carradine, star of ‘Kung Fu,’ liked to tie himself up, says an ex-wife

By | June 8, 2009

Actor David Carradine, star of 'Kung Fu,' liked to tie himself up, says an ex-wife

Actor David Carradine’s sexual kinks included a penchant for bondage – and the “Kung Fu” star enjoyed tying himself up to turn himself on, one of his ex-wives said yesterday.

“David was pretty strange,” said Gail Jensen, who was married to Carradine for 10 years. “He would tie himself up, and I would walk in and see him and say, ‘Oh, my God, David, you’ve got to be kidding me.’ ”

Jensen spoke one day after the discovery of court documents filed by Carradine’s fourth ex-wife, Marina Anderson, detailing his purported taste for “potentially deadly” sex and incest.

Carradine, 72, was found naked and dead Thursday in a Bangkok luxury hotel suite, with ropes around his wrist, neck and genitals. Speculation ran quickly to an accidental death by autoerotic asphyxiation – cutting off oxygen to heighten sexual pleasure.

The body of Carradine, who starred in director Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” was on its way to California, family attorney Mark Geragos said yesterday.

Graphic photos of the “Kill Bill” actor’s autopsy in Bangkok were apparently leaked and were being circulated by a photo agency. The family hired a forensic pathologist – believed to be former New York City Medical Examiner Michael Baden – to conduct a second autopsy on Carradine in the U.S.

“There’s a great concern that we don’t know what happened,” Geragos told the Daily News. “The family doesn’t know what happened, and it’s tough to grieve that way.

“All they are looking for is some answers.” Actor Keith Carradine, who starred with his brother in the 1980 movie “The Long Riders,” met Friday with the FBI to encourage a federal probe, Geragos said. An FBI spokesman said the agency had no immediate plans to investigate the Carradine case.

via Actor David Carradine, star of ‘Kung Fu,’ liked to tie himself up, says an ex-wife.

Okay, I get how this may be an accident now … but I still don’t get why some people enjoy bondage or self-bondage. If you are tied up, you can’t do anything. Seems pointless. The way I see it, the challenge of intimacy is to win each other over with charm, honesty, creativity and strength of character, not with rope.  — Oh, and I was observing some lizards this weekend, so doing push-ups on hot rocks I think is part of it somehow.  — Bondage makes me think of giant spiders, which I find repulsive.

Here is what wikipedia has to say:

Self-bondage is the practice of sexual bondage on oneself, or the application of restraints to oneself for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Self-bondage is characterised by experimentation and ingenuity and has differs from conventional bondage in that it:

  • is riskier
  • requires reliable release mechanisms (after a delay)
  • requires techniques for binding oneself as movement becomes increasingly restricted

These added challenges and dangers heighten the appeal of self-bondage for many of its practitioners, who often take pride in devising highly-elaborate self-bondage schemes and release mechanisms (both in reality and in erotic fiction).

Well, he could be into all of this and it could STILL be a murder. The family wants it investigated and obviously they don’t want the photos released to the public. I agree there.

Keith Carradine said in a statement that his family was “profoundly disturbed” by the publication “of photographs taken at the scene.” The statement continued, “Any persons, publications or media outlets will be fully prosecuted for invasion of privacy and causing severe emotional distress if the photos are published.” The family also wants famed forensic pathologist Michael Baden to perform a second autopsy to determine whether another person could have been involved. Results of an autopsy Friday in Thailand were not expected for three weeks, the Associated Press reported.

4 thoughts on “Actor David Carradine, star of ‘Kung Fu,’ liked to tie himself up, says an ex-wife

  1. Smoky

    I’m leaning toward the “Assassination by a secret Kung Fu Sect” theory as the most plausible explanation for Carradine’s death

  2. alexandria heather

    I’m with you Smoky.
    The wig & fishnets seem like a deliberate attempt at humiliation.
    Also, both his arms were tied to the rod.
    How could he get anything going without a free hand?
    Ninjas can avoid camera a dozen different ways, but an elderly man is limited on how to rub one out.

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