Abortion Doctor Killer: More Violence is Coming

By | June 8, 2009

The Kansas City man charged with assassinating abortion doctor George Tiller in his church a week ago warned Sunday that more violence is coming. “I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal ” Scott Roeder said in one of two phone calls to the Associated Press from prison. He also complained about the “deplorable conditions in solitary ” worried about catching pneumonia because his cell was cold and said he needed his sleep apnea machine.

Tiller 67 one of only three American doctors who performed late abortions on women with deformed fetuses was gunned down inside his Wichita church as he chatted with a fellow usher about taking his grandkids to Disney World. He had been targeted for years by anti-abortion protesters and demonized as “Tiller the baby killer” by conservative TV pundits. He often wore body armor – but not to church. Roeder 51 a mentally ill unemployed anti-abortion activist from Kansas City Mo. was charged with first-degree murder.

On Friday the Justice Department opened an investigation into whether Roeder who had enough money to stalk Tiller for years despite having little or no income had help from accomplices. Anyone who played a role in the killing will be prosecuted “to the full extent of federal law ” said Loretta King head of the Justice Department s civil rights division. A funeral was held Saturday for Tiller at Wichita s large Methodist church to accommodate crowds that would not fit in his own the Reformation Lutheran Church.

– via NY Daily News

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