A Very Non-Earthly Seeming UFO Encounter

By | August 29, 2006

A Very Non-Earthly Seeming UFO Encounter

Check out this description. If this is a secret military craft, we are getting pretty advanced.

… The Evening News was contacted by one of the witnesses to the anomaly, which happened at 12.20am on August 23. A second man, a civil aviation worker at Norwich Airport, also reported seeing the lights in the sky.

The aviation specialist, who did not want to be identified and said it was definitely not a stealth aircraft, was walking home from the cinema when he saw the craft about 50ft in the air, and judged it to nine feet by five feet by comparing it with nearby trees.

He said: ?A bright red ball just appeared. It glowed then turned blue and a triangular black glass type solid craft appeared. It pulsed various lights but there was no sound. It turned as if to look in my direction.

?It fired off a light beam that jumped rapidly from house to house along Low Road. It then increased the light at the flat edge, I presume the back, and it just shot off in total silence towards the north. No sound at any time except a static fizz in the air.?

Witness Austin Paxman, of Norwich, contacted the Evening News and said he was taking a short cut across the Royal Norwich Golf Club when he saw the same craft, but from a different angle.
… ?In a book by Timothy Good called Beyond Top Secret he says the hotspot for UFO activity in the UK in terms of reports to official bodies is the Norwich area. – more

I wonder if the TR-3B Astra, if it exists, could zoom around silently with a static fizz.

“Designated the TR-3B : code-named : Astra : its first operational flight was in the early 90s : eyewitness reports and evidence lend to earlier test flights. They have been spotted around the globe. At least three craft costing a billion dollars each were flying by 1994.” – more

Then again, the photo and this web page could just be disinformation designed to hide the truth about the aliens. 😉

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