Suicide Belt Abductions?

By | June 27, 2006

Suicide Belt AbductionsSick premonition of an ugly “black ops” plot: People are abducted, made to wear masks and sent to shopping malls wearing explosive belts. The propaganda machine says theses suicide bombers hate America, that they are just crazy animals. Their friends and relatives had no clue and don’t think they would do such a thing. A deep new fear and distrust grips the nation and is used to pass laws to take away all remaining rights. Enter the new police state. In truth, the whole thing was a set up by evil neocon control freaks who want to destroy our freedoms to protect their wealth and hide their crimes. Some of this is obviously paranoid speculation, but if you think it is unlikely that “suicide bombers” could be framed, read this:

“Stockholm police have removed what appeared to be a bomb from around the waist of a man in the suburb of Tensta. He said he had been kidnapped for three days.

At around 5pm police bomb technicians managed to remove the belt and the suspected explosive device after having X-rayed the man. The X-rays revealed that they would be able to unlock the belt. … What exactly led to the situation was still unclear on Sunday evening and police were unwilling to reveal information, fearing that it could compromise the investigation. At around 9.30am on Sunday the man, a Norwegian who has been living in Sweden for many years, rang a doorbell on Kr?llingegr?nd – the street where he said he had been held in an apartment for three days – and asked the family to call the police.

The family saw that he had something around his midriff and that he had a burn on his arm. “When we heard him say to the police that he had a bomb around his waist we became afraid,” said Anmol Pal, the mother of the family. She took the telephone from the man and asked him to leave the apartment. The man, who police said was born in 1977, does not live in the area. He was not considered to be intoxicated or to have psychiatric problems.

He said he had escaped from an apartment 25 metres from the scene. He said he had been held prisoner for three days and threatened by several men. At around 7pm on Sunday police arrested a man in Tensta on suspicion of kidnapping. Another attacker is being hunted by officers in the area. … Jasser Mohammed Ali was one of several people who called the police.

“He was behaving strangely, sitting here outside crying,” said Ali. – MORE

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