A new eye in the sky: unmanned surveillance for five years continuously

By | August 22, 2009

Odysseus Solar-Powered AircraftOdysseus Solar-Powered AircraftIt might look like alien technology but this aircraft is no UFO. It’s an Odysseus solar-powered aircraft that aims to be able to stay in the air for over five years continuously.

It has a Z-wing configuration that spans almost 500ft (150 metres) so that the aircraft’s shape can be adjusted when in sunlight to absorb as much solar power as possible.

Then when it is in darkness, it flies flat in a straight line for aerodynamic efficiency with the energy collected stored in onboard batteries used to drive the aircraft’s electric motors.

The aircraft is designed to fly at altitudes of 60,000-90,000ft so it could be used for surveillance, communications and environmental monitoring such as climate change research.

US company Aurora Flight Sciences have developed the unmanned aircraft under a programme called ‘Vulture’ with the support of BAE Systems, CS Draper Laboratory, and the Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Now they have revealed the design of the aircraft, they will next create a half-size example and then a full-scale prototype within five years.

via A new eye in the sky: Design for unmanned surveillance aircraft that can fly for five years continuously revealed | Mail Online.

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