A New Chupacabra Photograph?

By | March 30, 2006

A New Chupacabra Photograph

“The mystery beast known as the Tyco Animal forages in grassy fields near the Tyco Electronics building in North Carolina.

The beast is likely a Sampson fox, a red fox that is missing its outer layer of fur due to a genetic abnormality, experts say.”

This looks supiciously like the Texas Chupacabra that debunkers were calling a “Coyote with mange”. The real question is, does this new “fox” suck the blood out of chickens and goats? Is this the beast causing the rumors? It looks a bit like a kangaroo and that would explain some of the eye witness accounts from when I interviewed people. One person saw it standing upright. Another said it leaped over an entire two lane road in one bound. This thing does look like quite a leaper.

Would a fox without fur have a tail that long? Yes, from this photo I think so.  You’d have to see the creatures skin up close to determine if it is a healthy animal or one with a disease that makes its hair fall out.

10 thoughts on “A New Chupacabra Photograph?

  1. cgal

    I am disturbed when I read how others claim to have spotted the chupacabra but when you see their pictures its nothing like the creature’s actual physical characteristics. I witnessed a chupacabra a few years ago and it is otherworldly. These pictures of dead or wandering animals will never leave you with the same puzzled. And shocked feeling you get after seeing a chupacabra. Perhaps you already sold out on the idea that chupacabras are dog aka fox aka badgers and so forth animals. Feel free to believe what you want but if you ever see the real chupacabra with unique characteristics (large glowing red eyes, long fingers, dinosarish legs, kangaroo stance, stands on hind legs, long rat tail,large mouse ears that turn, long face, jumps forward like a bunny, stands over 6 feet tall, etc….get the picture?), don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Volker Schultz

      well, I don`t believe tha story about a supernatural character of this thing. It`s either areal natural animal or it`s nothing. So, don`t be angry. So long… by!

  2. Volker Schultz

    very good picture
    no dog, no racoon, no coyote, no mangy
    long slender head, long tail, long legs
    it`s new…
    New animal species.
    other serious pictures look similar.
    maybe remnant of pleistocene or tertiary animal species.
    supposedly very rare.
    don`t shoot too many before it is recognized fully.
    It`s worth protecting!
    interesting biology, too, surely.
    many regards to all, who are serious interested in wild animals!
    Volker, Germany

  3. Volker Schultz

    I think, it cannot be mangy because these animals are very active. It´s not like ill animals….
    It is healthy. So this is it`s natural look.
    Don`t forget, that there may be possibly some real new animals somewhere in the World.
    Don`t let us go over this lightly.
    I hope, that we don`t oversee an interesting new Species !!!
    It`s, of course a natural animal, nothing others.
    Volker, Germany

  4. Volker Schultz

    This animal comes from another area. In a hot climate a fur is not really necessary. So it can lack it naturally. Its possibly from a dense rain forestal area. So it was not recognized till now.
    A natural wild dog species, maybe.

  5. Volker Schultz

    for a fox it has too long legs, a coyote has a tail not reaching to the soil like this.
    so what ???

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