A Mylow Hoax with Fishing Line?

By | May 18, 2009

A Mylow Hoax with Fishing Line?

Some of the still images available here:

Comment on YouTube

WoW! GREAT work! You have found the visual proof of the fishing line drive belt!
In my vid I was unable to actually see the line due to the low quality of the vid, but it was the actions of Mylow that showed he was manipulating the line.
Your excellent video work gives 100% proof! (along with your earlier excellent data plotting from before)

Goes to show (yet again!!) there is ONLY 1 PROOF:
Without it – a video ain’t for crap.

Here is Sterling’s inital reply:

Before you get too worked up over the idea that Mylow has some fishing wire mechanical linkage causing the rotation to take place (no doubt there do appear to be such wires around in some videos), here are the reasons why I don’t think this explanation is adequate:
– The acceleration curves that LightRider analyzed are very clean (the overall curves).  That kind of smooth acceleration would not happen with a mechanical linkage from a motor via fishing wire. http://peswiki. com/index. php/OS:MYLOW: Data:Motor_ RPM_–_by_ LightRider
– The three acceleration/ deceleration curves per revolution that toukoqouko also posted from the 6-magnet motor video are not consistent with a mechanical linkage.  If there is cheating going on, it would most likely be via hall-effect sensors and an inductive mechanism, not a mechanical linkage.  My take is that those three curves are from some kind of harmonic relationship.
– Tony would have seen the wires and the motor, as would his wife, and all three of them, who have been witnesses visually/audibly in the videos, would have to be in on the gig.

As for Mylow lifting his feet as he is scooting around on the glass table, 1) he was near the edge of the table, 2) he was near the stator mechanism, and he needed to lift his feet to clear/protect that.

Another from Sterling:

For those of you who have been so quick to dismiss this with today’s videos about the fishing string, how do you explain some very large picture, tangential, independent validations from 1) the very close likeness of that guy standing next to Joe Biden, 2) Mylow’s having come up with a drawing in his teens, given to him in a dream, of what turned out to be a design that Howard Johnson was pursuing 30 years later; 3) his 700-mile trip to visit Howard Johnson’s grave, 4) the close resemblance of that set of crop circles that showed up coincident with Mylow’s posting his April 29 video.  This story is much more huge and significant than some inventor just tinkering around.  It is universe-level profound.
Hang in there. I think some prayers and apologies and well-wishing would be in order.

Why not just have it independently validated?

The primary reason Mylow has resisted having someone in to validate this thing is that this seems to him to feel like a denial of the open-mindedness and faith that is required to get this thing to work.

This is absurdly stupid. The device is not powered by “faith” or by “open-mindedness”. This is the answer a con man would give.

6 thoughts on “A Mylow Hoax with Fishing Line?

  1. mzperx

    Only independent validation clears this. Scientists have to scrutinize the device. (Until that fishing wire is the most likely)

  2. arjay001

    I really want this thing to work. I even got a bag of magnets and an old turntable to play with. I figure if it works then you should be able to get “close” by following Mylow’s example. I know I do not have the right magnets. A turntable does not spin freely enough. I used tape as it was faster. I did not try all the possible magnet Orientations. So I didn’t expect this thing to work very well for me. I did run into one problem right off. A “sticky spot” in the rotation. I am sure a very small outside push will keep the thing turning. If you tilt the disk just a little, the thing seems to run a bit longer. Still the “sticky spot” will act as a brake and rotation will stop. If you search “YouTube” you see a few people have run into the same problem. I think some of them should have got it to work if you look at the way they are going about it. You can see how much work they are putting into it. Some seem to be well thought out. I can’t help but think about all the great minds who possible would have played with this and came up empty handed. Wouldn’t the possibility be predictable through the use of advanced mathematics? While you looking at “YouTube” check out the wacky perpetual motion machines.


    P.S. I have a bag of magnets and an old turntalbe I will sell cheap 🙂

  3. Magnetmotorman

    Ok Folks settle down…the Mylow unit in a certain configuration will in fact rotate, no torque but will rotate…and yes the MIBS are totally involved in surpressing this technology!!!

    SOON!!! the world will know that Magnetism not only will be used in homes and cars but will be used and is used for interstella
    mobilazation. But in space and time.

    No matter how much those in financial power want to surpress this advancement for mankind, they are about to fail miserably!!


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