A Lucid Dream of Jesus by a Non-Believer

By | February 7, 2012


Lucid dream: I am on the Wilbur Hot Springs hotel upper deck outside in the dark. The UFO news on my iPhone radio says there have been several sightings of Jesus and people have written to the Vatican requesting Anonymity.

I freak out and think, “the second coming!” I call out to Jesus. I see his face as on the Shroud of Turin and I say “I have not believed! ” I feel accelerated like on a roller-coaster and burned with a holy fire as Jesus contacts me.

Then I say, “I’m doing this.” The entire experience is my imagination’s invention. I’m instantly sitting in a restaurant in Cuba talking to a Harrison Ford type character. I tell him I can wake up and prove it.

He says, “Why don’t you then?”

I say, “Because I don’t want to.”

He says, “What if you can’t?”

To prove it is a dream, that the Jesus experience is imaginary, with just my will power, I wake up. The change from the dream scene happens right as I open my eyes: I’m awake, in my bed, in my room. Then I write this.

Just in case people all over the world had dreams this morning of being telepathically contacted by Jesus while being accelerated and burned by a holy fire, I thought I should blog this.

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