A few New Years Resolutions

By | January 5, 2010

A few New Years ResolutionsWhat will you do in MMX? (MMX is 2010 in Roman numerals. )

– save the life of a starving kid
– find, share world improving ideas
– make time for community service
– clarify relationship goals and act
– take action to further career goals
– make the music/art I love
– do more with friends
– take navy showers to conserve water
– be 5 min early for everything
– lift weights and run a mile a day
– early to bed, get enough sleep
– keep eating healthy food
– let go of things and ideas unneeded
– meditate, relax & laugh heartily daily

2 thoughts on “A few New Years Resolutions

  1. Ann

    … trying for sainthood?

    5 minutes earlier for everything … lift weights and run a mile each day … early to bed and getting enough sleep … meditate… eating healthy means cooking your own food … all that is already half a day

    How about some time just to “kick back” and do nothing? Or, how about some time each week to walk in the park, country or seaside? There is some value in that, you know … It could have real value when trying to be creative. (But, then if you have to “plan” such times of relaxation they kind of lose their spontaneous value and significance.)

    You don’t have to try to be St. Xeno, the machine!

  2. John E.

    That’s a great list, Xeno. My list for the new decade has some overlap with your own.

    But converting to the navy shower years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Now it’s my routine and I can’t go back. The old way is so overrated. I found that I actually got cleaner because I could focus on lathering all over. Kudos to you, everyone should do the same.

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