A Car which Runs on Compressed Air – The ‘AirPod’

By | November 13, 2008


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?, no, it’s the new super compressed air charged mini-me car. Welcome to the MID AirPod; a 3-wheeled vehicle which runs on compressed air. This snazzy little hoover on wheels, promises to be the next generation in vehicular transport.

mid-airpod-engineBenefits of the AirPod

  • Produces zero emissions.
  • Runs on compressed-air.
  • Seats three, and does a whopping 28mph.
  • Can travel 135 miles on one tank of compressed air.
  • Perfect solution for an inner-city transportation system.
  • Ready for production mid-2009.

DeviceGuru says:

The AirPod is 6.7 feet long and weighs 485 pounds. The driver controls the motion of the vehicle with a joystick.

The vehicle has four wheels, and uses rear-wheel drive. Refueling the vehicle’s 46 gallon (175 liter) compressed air tank tank only takes a couple of minutes, according to the company. … Air France Industries and KLM Engineering and Maintenance will be evaluating the AirPod from the perspective of safety, ergonomics, deployment, reliability, and maintenance costs, among other factors.

Here is a video. Well, it’s a good start. Electric cars are a lot quieter and faster at this point. Will  Desulfitobacterium bacteria produce electricity in cars of the future?

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