Tattooed Mummy With Jewelry Found in Peru

By | May 18, 2006

Tattooed Mummy With Jewelry Found in Peru

This photo provided by the National Geographic Society shows a golden bowl over her face and beads spilling from long-disintegrated necklaces of a Moche elite woman with skin intact lying in her grave bundle in Peru. Originally wrapped in an enormous mummy bundle, the young woman was found with ceremonial war clubs and 23 spear throwers, leading archaeologists to wonder if she had been a ruler – the first known female ruler from the Moche culture. Research on the mummy is conducted by the Wiese Foundation with the co-direction of Peru’s National Institute of Culture.

Amazing look at the past. What the heck is that “copper bundle”? Any ancient computer information stored on them? Writings? An ancient power pack? Weapon? Decorative designer handbag?

There is a face picture here if you don’t mind that sort of thing.

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