9/11 ‘hijacker’ witness poisoned

By | November 3, 2006

911 hijacker witness poisoned

“He claimed he met three of the 9/11 hijackers in Shreveport a year before the attacks. This morning local dentist David Graham is dead after the family says he was poisoned more than two years ago. At the time, Graham was trying to publish a manuscript about meeting three middle easterners in Shreveport. He feared they were plotting to bomb Barksdale (AFB). Graham wrote that we warned the FBI, then after 9/11 he saw their pictures among the hijackers. Before Graham was poisoned he was supposed to testify at a deportation hearing against a Pakistani man Jamal Khan who hosted the men Graham believed to be the hijackers.” – more

2 thoughts on “9/11 ‘hijacker’ witness poisoned

  1. newsjunkie

    no, seriously, i dont believe in this crap anymore. but anyway, by posting this suppose to be “truth” we don’t do any good. probably some good, old movement outside our homes , on the streets will do. so what we do now looks like we are jacking off, but ain’t doing nothing 🙂 am i right?

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